Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How could you come here?

Three of them to look at, Li Yingcai quickly said The first hospital, I do not say he did help us, and even stand up and almost done it, what women dunk sb high top shoes the hospital to send it then? … Tri-Service General Well !

I also could not have any reaction, the whole new air jordan11(xi) shoes people fainted, until someone in my ear tell me the name, I wake up to faint.

Wu Li-youngster! Wu Li-youngster! Is my ah!

Eyes saw, white walls, white sheets, white cotton, coupled with the upside down bit by bit … this know that they are lying in the hospital. To see a person very familiar with the bed cheap nike dunk sb shoes in my shoes, I wonder if my patient is unconscious or non-light, always feel that this person seems very vague, no name yet another time.

Wu Li-youngster, how could you come here? He asked concerned.

I smiled, and touch his forehead, that the fever. He looked at me carefully, and then said You are really great here! There are things I always do not know how to do, and now you are here, that this matter trouble you!

in, I vaguely heard what the password, what wardrobe, what suit, what deposits and fell in deep sleep the past.

Until the whole person feel soaked to the skin, I hastily jumped up from the bed and found that their body is sweat towel rubbed into the body using the toilet and return to bed, only to see the ugg 5825 boots learning school sitting on the sofa , not a language at me.

You wake up … finally … you? She said insipid tone.

Ah … I smiled helplessly I am exactly how long you here?

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Matter how the time

We, who also flew to the air or not to jump up, all right, and believe me. Reperfusion Road, Maple Road, then power will be passed out. Although these monsters are a lot of confusion, but the Maple Road, then listen to them very clearly, in particular, saw the strength of Maple Road was already there to subdue him, so he made the remarks Maple Road, monsters have been gradually quiet down.

At this time the monster flying in the air also found abnormal head, helter-skelter down the escape of the Fly, butinspired attack fast,say, to work together has been cut down.

The monster has been updatedscared silly fast, and has forgotten to escape, I do not know how this monster was out of practice.

on when to split the body of the feidi sun glasses monster, the fast together with the shadow of the eyes flash red flowers over, facing the monster is kicked, and then that monster off the line to the kite as splash out on the ground.

No response from you how the story, there is no Roadhas been split into the shadow new kate spade sunglasses of the cheap burberry sun glasses body, no way, that shadow is too fast, when the monster has time to slump down, we have not seen Who is the shadow.

However, we found here alsodark blue, have probably guessed that the shadow is. Sure enough, the shadowwho split time, even that did not endanger electro-optical, absorption seems to be, then disappearedmoment, we also see the shadow of that who is the Maple Road.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A happy life after marriage

With the passage of time and age, I have forgotten Li. After work, there are a number of boys after me, but I always want to find in them the shadow of Li, there is no longer about a good love.

Perhaps there is no longing for love, Not long after, the arrangement of their parents, met me and ming and soon married. I am 23 years old that year.

Ming than I was 3 years old, is a good friend of the son of parents. We have seen a small number of face time, but because of their age are still very small, we have each other and there is no deep impression, only that he is a big brother next door. Later, when we meet, I told him there is no special feeling, but ming met regularly from that I went about, in fact, I know that he is in love with me.

Valentine39s Day, he will sent me roses rainy day, lastest lv scarf he would haveDial cold, and he will take the initiative to give me medicine work, he will be free to pick up as long as I am … … In short , he told me is a good 100. Even acolleagues said to me Mr. Dream, do not I do not know how fortunate blessings of this good man is also where to find it? Quickly married his bar! Is perhaps to be careful and care ming moved, and I eventually married him.

I admit, and Chia-ming with happiness. After marriage, we have very little quarrel with my father-in-law mother-in-law is also very good at home all I do not have to worry about. Two years later, our precious daughter born Jingjing, I was happy to melt completely. Since then, I resign specialized care for their children, and occasionally to help new fendi scarf point companies ming busy, carefree life.

Such a way cheap scarf of life is eight years I have been. Daughter gradually bigger, Chia-ming, also the cause of the sun at high noon. Can be for me, life always felt that the lack of what, and sometimes one person at home, mind their own sense of loss is like weaving the network, is growing. Some friends advised me not to directly tam ming of the duties, not only have something to do, you can watch all day long ming. I lv scarf jokingly said I am absolutely assured ming, he would never betray me, unless one day I betrayed him.

Only I new scarf know, I is not the lack of a job, but lost the passion for a long time.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009


another quarter

Another edge to edge of poly-chun

Fall season is getting stronger

Still mellow night

Soft moonlight




Memories of the past

Indus lonely



Talk with

Green leaves on the root of the affective

I hold

Deeply entrenched in the wind


I guard

The feelings of the past





I do not know where

Can bloom

Can be placed

That was the


Only know

The tears flow

Acacia has been turned into rain

Sang new ed hardy scarves songs


I am one person cheap ed hardy scarves in the

Low singing

Akiba flying

The autumn wind and sky

Blurred in

All eyes have been

Heart-breaking rain

Would like to treasure

But it was too late

Would like to recall with nostalgia

I am not from the owner

Would like to moved

Echocardiography, however, will not you

Would like to look back

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Friday, April 24, 2009


The story of a beautiful just the beginning of the end of the
Sky faces livid
Coming period so that numerous
Burning sun dream
And color vision
The pale anaplastic
Tears in despair in the eye
Dance of death new key holder jump
The music stopped
The white in the vast
The world is quietly!
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Love has long been to the original

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Love has long been to the original
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First is to drink tea roses three years ago.

At that time, she had just graduated from nursing school, a Healthare white teeth, she is firmly convinced that wearing Slipper, pumpkin sitting car Girl, so inevitably some. I do not know but there is a depth of interns in love with her, chasing her every day. She also likes the Asahi interns look like a smile, that her sweet heart. Can only feel sorry for her, the interns from the remote mountain village, her romantic reality in front of him seem very funny.

February 14 is Valentine39s Day, they go to a cafe. She is a regular monthly event of the special cases , so a bit of listlessness. He said he would give her a special gift, which made her very curious.

Services Miss asked them to drink what he imagined for her point of a cup of tea roses. Floating cup fine dryroses, pink petals in the water especially when drought limits the light, she Bao Cup, a blow against our faces strong aroma. Do you want to send me in the end, Discount Fendi what? She asked him directly. There were a few shy him, hesitated a moment, hesitant to say … … is this cup of tea … … you are willing to never drink it? Take one to hear the answer, she secretly a bit disappointed that he did not hear the words behind . Is a cup of tea! She does not know why he total Slipper with her pumpkin dream car so far? She had a tea products, even some of theslightly.

You want me to stay at this school? He asked with hope. What? … … Of course. She probably thought his companions are being roses, chocolate surrounded it, a bit absent-minded reply. He looked at her a bit disappointed, not to say anything else. From that day on, interns are no longer looking for her, but she looked far, looked at her to leave. She would like to ask him how, and may also worry about the loss of the girl39s modesty. In any case, to recover many of my people do. Comfort of her own. Interns from the hospital the day give her a phone I may not be the most excellent, my love can be very simple. She stood looking at him got on a vehicle window, watching him look to his direction, may be it is not ailing. When the car, her tears fell down also, In fact, you enjoy me too. She said softly in my heart.

Flash three years have passed, time enough to refining its stand all the memory. She became very quiet, but also a lot of reality. With her boyfriend, a big tall, very uncertain laugh. She love him, care for her all. Know that she met a month Fendi Purses special circumstances of a very tough battle when they hurt, they go around begging for prescriptions of Chinese medicine treatment for her, then a bowl of the bowl with a deep love for hersatisfied. She would like to love at their own before the Prince, Cinderella love Fendi Hand Bag there is hope to be a woman of extraordinary.

One day, she had just come on smelt a strong smell, that aroma as if from the depths of her memory. Pushed open the kitchen door, Endure boyfriend is a pot of tea,are rolling on the surface of roses, dry pink petals in the water especially when drought limits light. Tea roses are! This is … … She hesitated some of the question. Loss or nurse you, this do not know? Mimi39s boyfriend smile, said tea roses with the effectiveness of pain Tiaojing, also known as individualthis passion! Tiaojing pain? … … Cities? … … I really do not know … … twinkling of an eye, such as flood events, that smile like the Asahi and the voice of deep feeling in the eyes again and again Are you willing to never drink it? the original long time ago that the advent of love can be considered the most romantic for her and she did not understand the romantic and easy to discard it. Interns that, he may not be the most excellent, but his love is very simple.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

The next life, then do not love you

His lack of means, universities are on their own odd jobs and sold their blood money after graduating from the.

Her rich, are city girls, the parents are of high-ranking cadres, have a nanny at home. First go to the countryside, she identified and leekunclear.

She first met him and are at the her holiday red white skirt, but not aware, and classmates are still joking. After he saw the blush off his own shirt around her waist. At that moment, her life is also unforgettable.

After four years arelove, she tried to help him, and he refused, which Man will use the girls to help?

Upon graduation, they would inevitably, but she followed him dead set on going. Home people object to, almost with her enemies, she finds that she wanted Yes Men.

She has a precious jade bracelets, are a mother to her. To the town aftersee, she won a bracelet. Yes, at such places where useful to wear bracelets ah!

Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant. See her reaction worse, he went to a nearby hill for her apricot picking, unexpectedly kicked, fell down from the hills. This fall, almosther and his future. She usually think this way If he does not pick it apricot? However, if the world has never been.

Paralyzed him, and everything at home on her. Parents came to pick her up, after all, in the small town life can be predicted. Yes, no one can imagine that would look like later on in life. However, this last chance, she still refused.

In order to give him medical treatment, she sold the bracelet only to receive the money their parents give. Ah in the end the parents are to see such a stubborn daughter suffer the heartache.

They lived a poor small town at the time, her school teachers, at homehim some translation book. She has already lost the pride of city girl, head to do everything, and small vegetable bargain, buy cheap clothes … … with the local women are not.

The doctor said that her husband can no longer stand up, and can insist she give him massages, such as ten years on the 1st. She did not expect a miracle happened, only hope that his legs do not atrophy.

35 years old, she heard the doctor acupuncture and martial arts have bit better, but want to turn a mountain to find that doctor. She found a flatbed truck, pulled him every two days on an acupuncture treatmentgo. Wind and snow, she, difficult to move forward. He looked at her back, crying In the next life, I can not to encounter you, you no longer love. Because, youhad.

Everyone is willing to love again the next life, but he said that the next life, then do not love you.

Are one year after the miracle occurs. His legs had been perceived. Slowly to left. Dual thing, he wrote the thesis at the international level by the Award. There is lot of people came to see him, he lectured everywhere, at the same time talk about this ten years in a wheelchair on his own life, speak their own behind the woman.

No one would have thought of this day, no one has thought of a way out of.

French asked him to go to lecture for three years, he hesitated. She said go, must go! This is the golden opportunity.

At this time, 36 of her vicissitudes of clues already here, in black with white hair, his eyes backing the wrinkles, Chloe UK the clothes are outdated Forever, body fat and some never look the same year and he is the best of times.

France, the country is so romantic ah! Some people worry that he gone, asked her You are not afraid of it? She gently shook his head do not fear. She said, and her love him if the experience of so many still so fragile, it must not love.

Three years later, he returned on time, stay in Beijing. Him the first thing to do is to go town to pick her up, but did not tell her exact arrival time, but said that two days back, want to give her surprise. Who knows, under the train, he would see her.

Pleasantly surprised to run past him how do you know me by the purpose of his car?

She said I have every day here waiting for you, all from Beijing to the car, I will not miss one.

This, he said the next life, I will never let you love, the love you because I feel bad, your love is.

She said, love has always been hard, if love is a lotus, the most beautiful love that are must see if linesinine, have not gotten to the heart, then in order to have beautylotus.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Royal39snaturally different

Courtyard door opened, I looked, a man who worewind flute stand, stand up Hermes Kelly Bag and salute the evaded, Wen was sonelegant, one can not help, has offended many. The man39s eyes look looks forward to my masterpiece. Girls do not find it too, please enter my house one Syrian, and we arepoems. , IWith the men into the yard, Long is his first name.
When I came to a group of men in Central time, I see the world, many men are lecherous thin, but the church was ablaze with lights of how the enemy was my water, dinner out which delicious delicacy and my 10,000 kinds of customs, did not take account of people ask me Hometown origin. Long live the night of my stay at this, I gladly accepted, wading39s accession to the WTO in order to see men do not is false hypocrisy.
Candle,light soft, hand in hand with me and Longhua sit, , Longhuamy first name, all of a sudden my heart manytenderness, hate to leaveunderstand why the human male Huan female love. Longhua untie my Undaria … …one, I put out the Candle. Since then I live in the here-filled days than the mountains years, unlimited fun. Stand aside with arms folded, Longhua, accompanied with tenderness, always reveal the truth, if he learned that after I was a fox would not have been so infatuated heart.
Not last, Longhuahim home to get married, does not insist on Longhua, I see him are reluctant to me.
Longhua growing concerns, ask Zheng humming at me, they put pot lights, he will. I think this concern has nothing to do with me, women even if sirens are peerless in the eyes of a Man for whom famehow.
Moonlight, moonlight, such as water,into my yard, subtle fragrance floating, trance back to the mountains between my years, live in a cave of mind, heart together with the wind blowing. A sigh, people make me tired of the unpredictable and tired, I want to leave, the Red affectionate,ronghua much better than this.
I gently, Longhua light in the dream delirium, Pleurotus listen ,… … He was calling me. To leave or stay? Longhua suddenly caught my hand, still in the dream with open eyes showing sadness , I dreamed that you want to leave me, I have never seen this very leisurely on weekdays when the Man would be so panic-stricken . So I laugh, I39m only a source you are not sure even the identity of the woman, go and stay, but also how to do.
Longhua answer so I was surprised that he would not ask my sources are unwilling to make things difficult for me reluctantly, his background and so canlight on this, the human world will always be for the status of competition for power, he has also been vol into one of, as long as hethatprominent,marry the daughter of, Prince Edward spaces at your fingertips, Jiangshan big are just around the corner. Tomorrow my mother want to make a choice, Long said with concern. I do not sneer language.
Longhua make me want to take a look at how the selection, let me complete the face of a clear understanding of Man, are also considered a pleasure. Longhua unexpected good morning back, he staggered stagger some, I think he was drunk. , and then for me a bomb on it. Zheng ask of me silently, looking at the rise of Man. Longhua face turn from red to blue, my throwing Cheng, Longhua caught, with thousands of repair for me I know, Longhua infected.
Longhua efforts to play a wide smile to my heart, , I have chosen, as long as you me. My mother, forced to drinkfurious. Unfortunately, I can not take care of you a lifetime. Having gone head together. With Longhua,long stream, which the taste of tears flowed down Taste with the eyes of butterflies, like at around the world the truth early, I spent in vain as they have the Millennium repair.
Royalof course different, unusual drugs, how can save Longhua reincarnation? For reported heart of the TU-jun, the only way to use my inner one a try. Practice to set500 Yuet Wah after the smoke condensate Dan nissei hidden in abdomen, if accidentally lost it, and spent the entire practice. I smiled out of that fiery red tablets of, Longhua put it into the mouth, blowing into his abdomen. Looking at Long39s face,, British Gas is pressing slowly emerged ruddy, I must have gone, at the loss of inneronly after an ordinary fox, the other side of the river is my home.
As for how and sisters will not ridicule me important, I used the night of penance in exchange for thousands of the world loved the truth, know what the situation, it is worth, I have regrets … …
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You look at the papers you

He added You look at your papers are all positive and negative B, crowded like anything! Who the fuck taught you so.
I said It is my teacher Pan, he said the election was a problem on the B.
Later, his relations with the Pan Teacher teach already bad director, then put me to the principals, could not have been normal Pan Teacher principals who also use it as an excuse by various means, eventually will be all kinds of relations Pan Teacher that key out of the school. Later, someone said that Pan was Teacher Education to the countryside in a private middle school, on the grounds that vulgar and ridiculous to use educational theory to mislead the students. When they leave him to the classroom with the students bid farewell to him, all classmates cried. And I do not know where to go go crazy, and probably join up with the female rogue at ballroom dancing, or perhaps. But I can guarantee that I always remember his hard red chalk with the precise selection B theory, I believe him more than ever convinced him of the chalk of the B.
Exam a few days ago, I heard that Pan Teacher died from lung cancer, not one female infants did not bury a parent, nor the so-called leadership of the education of my colleagues what the memorial service for him, he was buried where no one talking about, perhaps he even there is no tombstone.
On college entrance examination at the examination room, as usual, I met a lot of unable to answer multiple-choice, in their brackets, I have solemnly put the B , it seems that the only way, heaven39s Pan Teacher can sleep safely. Mulberry Handbags
Year failed me, but I remain convinced that the election of B, there is nothing wrong.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

From useless found useful value

Tagore philosophical poem has a famous saying When you put all of the errors are shut out, the truth will be rejected. This is meaningful and thought-provoking, the world reveals the disgusting error also has a lot of money value.

The United States has a man named Robert who spent several years has collected more than 70,000 pieces of the failure of Products, then created a failed product showroom, and one by one with a concise commentary. As a result of this exhibition gives a real deep warning, carried out in the audience reviews, give Robert a rolling financing.
Miao! Exhibition useless and waste has created a success ! Association to a Western humor The so-called trash, that is the wrong place of good things. And now that the wrong location, on the wish to re-find release sites, who identify the location, will allow those garbage !
St. Louis, in the United States, there is a remarkable gallery of fake medical leave and was pulling people to produce all of which are harmfuldeceptive thing. Visitorsreflection, has been a very profound anti education, and with emotion after the effective enhance the ability to identify fakes. It is precisely because of exhibition designers for the fakes of this trash found a compelling good place , they received an unprecedented success.
Edison scientists in the development of incandescent bulbs, in order to find an efficient filament material, make the 1200 test, have not been satisfied with the results. An ignorant people make fun of You have failed 1200 times.
No, Edison retorted, I proved that 1200 kinds of materials do not make suitable filament, which is a major achievement. Scientists with useless material as irrefutable evidence to the contrary continue to enhance Experimental exploration of confidence.
One philosopher said The very bitter taste of failure, including the reason which is sweet. Visible management failure is a clever. The key is, you must try to be different, open a new path.

There is a traveler, reached a very remote place. Where he found a large bluegrass. After careful identification, he determined that orchids are the treasures vlaams. Travelers extremely surprised and decided to put these back to the city flower sale. Travelers to find a farmer, I take a hoe. When the simple and honest man masters of the travelers to understand the malicious, it is readily handed him a hoe put only make a request go take a look at him along with what kind of flowers are actually so fascinated travelers.
After reading the reports, the farmers are Prada UK very disappointed. So this is left to fend for themselves Xiaocaohu! Us here, no one person not to, this grass is of no use, we have cut back eaten by cows, but it did not sniff sniff about it. Finish, Farmer regret away. A few days later, travelers returned to the city, dozens of back strain vlaams, quickly made him a rich man.
In fact, there is no absolute in this useless or failure of things, but in different ways to use it. The same things in different people39s eyes, or at a different fate, the often have different values.
The same is true in life, this world is not born with this useless people, born of failure or success of people born with the key you are in what position, or select what kind of road. So not to say that they have nothing, no one can, but you like vlaamslike it has not been found. Well, why not our own look from a different angle, try to go out, and fully demonstrate their own strengths, in the mediocre Mining Light, from the useless in the search value. Following the beaten track and can only make people39s lives, due to a state of negligence, and innovation, we will push extreme life.

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